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How much will my utility bill be?

Your solar provider cannot guarantee what your bill from the utility company will be after going solar. The bill will depend on the amount of energy you use from the grid after your solar production is subtracted, which was presented to you as an estimate based on your usage from the previous year. It does not factor in any adjustments in future energy usage, like installing a pool or a hot tub on your property.

Will I receive a bill from the utility company?

Yes. You will continue receiving a bill from your utility company for basic service and any power needs not supplied by your solar system. 

What is net metering?

With a net metering program, your utility credits you for any energy your solar system produces that you don't use - your meter will spin backwards and build a "bank" of those credits. If you use more energy than your solar system produces, you pay the utility for that energy.

Will I still be on the electric grid?

Yes, your solar system will still be connected to the grid. The connection between your solar system and the electric grid, which we identified as net metering, enables you to both consume energy from the grid and export it.

What if I lose power?

For the safety of workers that are fixing power outages, it is a utility regulation for solar power systems to shut off during blackouts if there is a connection to the grid.

What happens to my system generation at night or when it's cloudy?

When the sun goes down, any extra energy you produce during the day is pushed back into the grid, offsetting your energy use at night or when it's cloudy. During the sunny summer months your system will produce the most energy, so the credits you've earned during those days of overproduction will be helpful during winter months when the days are shorter.

What if I sell my home prior to the end of the solar service agreement?

If you sell your home, you can transfer your solar agreement to the new homeowner.  lt's easy and offers electricity savings, which is a great selling point when your home is on the market. The M.C. Solar Customer Service team will walk you through the entire process, but it's important that you contact us as soon as you decide to sell your home.

Why is it important to evaluate my system’s performance over the course of the full year?

Your solar system works year-around, so during spring and fall, the excess unused energy your system produces will be stored for free by the utility company. During summer months, you will typically use more energy, which will already be available to you for free, as it has been saved and stored during previous months.

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