We are dedicated to making your transition to sustainable, more affordable energy as seamless as possible. We want to ensure you can immediately enjoy the benefits of a solar powered home, and escape the cycle of rising utility rates.

Step 1

Site Assessment

Prior to your system design, we will complete an assessment of your property to develop an accurate and effective system for your home.

Step 2


After we have assessed the site,our team will create a system for you,customized speciöcally to your roof and home.

Step 3


We have an experienced department focused solely on the permitting process,and acquiring the correct documentation from corresponding municipalities. Permitting completion is necessary prior to moving forward with your installation.

Step 4


Once the necessary paperwork has been approved,we will contact you to schedule your installation. Our reputable team is highly-skilled in efficient and quick installation.

Step 5


After your installation is complete,we will arrange an inspection to ensure the system complies with local county requirements. We will inform you when this has been scheduled.

Step 6


Once the final inspection is complete,we will contact your utility company and arrange for them to swap the power meter. This allows all your excess power to be transfered to the grid and remain stored until your home requiers use of it.(Basically, your origina lone-way meter will be adjusted so it can operate as      two-way metering, enabling electricity to  flow in either dierection)

Step 7


The last step is the easiest-your utility company will grant us permission to operate, and we will be ready to flip your “solar switch” on and activate your system.All you have left to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of your solar energy.